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Dr. Sujata

I am Dr Sujata Mittal and I am MS with training in Gyne Oncology and I am  with you with the intention to cure your cancer based on scientific knowledge.

About Dr. Sujata

Dr Sujata Mittal is Sr Gynec Oncologist working independently. She has been trained to treat female genital cancers that includes cervix, uterus, ovary, vulva and vagina. Over the time, she realized the problems of allopathic treatment. In treating her patients, she started facing the need to address the issues of diet, exercise and control of thoughts which causes immense changes in behavior. Allopathic medicine taught her that obesity causes increased peripheral conversion of fats to estrogen which in turn increases the chances of development of breast and endometrial cancer.  And alas, obesity is also disease of mindset, disease of life style . We Indians are entering twenty first century but our diet styles have not changed yet. In fact, large majority of endometrial cancers are grade 1 cancers and occur mainly in obese women who are diabetic, hypertensive and hypothyroid. Simple hysterectomy treat majority of these women if they report early. Medical diseases  are treated side by side in these women  but real effort in reducing the obesity which is the trigger point of all these diseases lack. As allopathic doctors we are trained to treat the diseases and not the body as whole. She often remembered the age old idiom in ayurveda  “Effect is the cause revealed and cause is the effect revealed.”

This lead to intense study of human behavior with focus on diet and mind, body, soul complex. The galvanizing moment came in her life when she developed B/L knee osteoarthritis for which B/L TKR was advised at the young age of 50. Her osteoporosis factor and varicose veins in lower limbs  were not considered important and she was informed that she could not sit on floor post surgery. Her desire to do daily pooja in sitting position took big jolt and she started cognizance of her health in totality. She took charge of everything in her life and joined Isha foundation led by Sadhguru   Jaggi Vasudev. In span of two years her limping improved, pain reduced remarkably , bow legs straightened and she is planning to go to Kailash Mansarovar next year. With remarkable changes in herself, she did her nutritional course with Dr Nandita Shah( sharan-India) of international fame for reversing diabetes, hypertension and studied nutrition deeply. She also started applying these concepts in  her own diet  to cancer patients with amazing results. She motivated her patients to do deep breathing exercises and Isha Kriya which brought remarkable calm and strength in cancer patients there by reducing inflammatory process and hence curbing cancer. Now, she has developed personalized modules based on individual test and is conducting workshops for cancer patients only.


M.S. – Obstetrics &Gynaecology, 1988

Sr. Residency – Gynae Oncology, 1996
Bangalore, KARNATAKA


Certificate of completion of becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach.

And Team


Dr. Sonali Sethi

Dr. Sonali Sethi (BDS and MHA) has over 7 years of leadership experience in healthcare where she has led large scale multi team transformation projects in hospitals. She has worked in the past with Medanta – the Medicity Gurgaon and Fortis Healthcare. At cancer reversal she is leading digital programs and operations.



Hema has done her BA from Delhi University and after doing her Diploma From IIFT( New Delhi),she has indulged in yoga, cooking and dance. She is actively involved in nutrition and is taking classes for young mothers for kids nutrition. She is actively practicing Yoga and loves to teach it. She is involved in activities of cancer reversal by demonstrating different recipes and conducting cooking classes.

Cancer can also be reversed.
You need to work for Yourself.
You need to manipulate your inner environment.
Your Genes are seeds.
Your internal milieu is your terrain/environment.