1. Anti Cancer: Dr David Serwan: A must read for all cancer sufferer. A journey of M.B.B.S doctor of his own cancer and how he achieved remission. Complimented with good research papers. Highly Recommended
  2. Cancer: Step Outside the box By Ty Bollinger This book tells about the cancer industry and how it functions for personal gains for few individuals.  It also documents multiple cases where suppression of effective natural cancer treatments was done by ACS, FDA . This book clearly explains the relationship between nutrition and cancer. This is a comprehensive book on alternative cancer treatments and health. Highly Recommended.
  3. Mind That changes everything By Ian Gawler: Success story of Ian Gawler. Suffered from stage IV osteosarcoma and how he overcomes it through his mind. Exciting new scientific studies reveal the brain’s lifelong capacity to change its structure and function — depending upon how we use it. Yet similar studies tell us that the mind is more than the sum of the brain’s physical parts. With our mind, we create our world. It is our mind that regulates our present and our future. Do you imagine a happier world with better health? More vitality? More success with the ability to fulfil your potential when it comes to treating your own cancer, sport, business, relationships, healing and peace of mind? Modern research is confirming ancient wisdom. Truly it is The Mind That Changes Everything and this book tells you how to do it. Full of evocative stories, practical wisdom and 48 techniques that range from the simple to the profound, Ian Gawler is an authority on the mind and its potential.
  4. You Can Conquer Cancer  By Ian Gawler
  5. Cancer Free: Your Guide to gentle nontoxic healing by Bill Henderson: In November 1990, Bill’s wife, Marjorie, began a four-year bout with ovarian cancer. She died on November 1, 1994. In Bill’s own words, “Her many operations, chemotherapy treatments and intense pain made her wish often in her last two years for a quick death… I now believe that the treatment she received was the cause of her death, not the cancer. I have read widely in the ensuing years, searching for alternative cancer treatments. I have found over three hundred and fifty.”  Bill is an expert on natural and alternative cancer therapies. Must read.
  6. God’s ultimate to health by George Malkmus: One of the good books but not ultimate.
  7. Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quilan:  Optimal nutrition coupled with appropriate medical treatment can dramatically improve the quality and quantity of life and chances for a complete remission for most cancer patients. A well-nourished cancer patient can better manage the disease. For the past 10 years, Dr. Patrick Quillin has served as the Director of Nutrition for Cancer Treatment Centers of America. 
  8. Radical Remission: Surviving cancer against all odds by Dr Kelly Turner : In her New York Times bestseller, Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, Dr. Kelly A. Turner, founder of the Radical Remission Project, uncovers nine factors that can lead to a spontaneous remission from cancer—even after conventional medicine has failed. Must read
  1. Spontaneous Remission By Brendan O Regan and Caryle Hirshberg: The rare but spectacular remission of cancer persists in the annals of medicine…no one doubts the validity of the observation…” Lewis Thomas, M.D., Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital.
    This book, written by experts in the mind-body connections, gives 1574 citations of cases of malignant tumors that either completely disappeared or partially disappeared. The splendid documentation of this book helps bolster your spirit when you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer. How does a complete remission happen? Special herbs? Chemo? Or is it all just a hoax? Good book to read 
  2. Cancer A Yogic Perspective : Download here