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Your road map to be cancer free life does not lie in allopathic system alone. Allopathy treats only symptoms. It cannot cure you. For cure, Your body needs more, your emotional and spiritual energy needs something else. Learn with us how to revive your energies to reverse cancer.

We reverse cancer using latest research. Our technique involves:

  •  Anti Cancer diet: Nutrition  boost your immunity and is major pillar for fighting  cancer.
  • Know what chemicals poison your body and cause cancer and other chronic diseases.
  • Exercise, meditation, deep breathing and stress relieving techniques boost your immunity and cause remission.
  • Herbs and immunity booster substances.
  • Spiritual Healing; Sharing, gratitude, giving, forgiveness are epitome of humanity.

Cancer can also be reversed.

Understand How?

For that to occur You need to work for Yourself. You need to manipulate your inner
Your Genes are seeds. Your internal milieu is your terrain/environment.

Things to be Done:

  1. Take charge of your life.
  2. Take charge of your body: Diet, Meditation.
  3. Heal your psychological wounds: Harmony with In & with Out.( Behavioral Changes)
  4. Stimulate   your Immunity: Physical Exercises, Practice Stress Management
  5. DANGER & OPPORTUNITY: It’s both in disease specially in disease like Cancer.
    • Danger to lose your life
    • Opportunity of Giving Back Life to Life
    • Opportunity of Giving Back to Society
    • Opportunity to be something
    • Opportunity to Understand frailness of life
  6. Understand nature:  Healing power of nature, Breath: Lung, colon, Bone
  7. Diet Management:
    • 50% Raw Vegetables
    • Eat freshly cooked food.
    • Totally Avoid sugar & maida, and other refined items.
    • Avoid oil and any form of animal product.
    • Turmeric is powerful anti-inflammatory Use it liberally.
    • Nuts, 3-5 servings of variety of fruits/day, spinach, mint/coriander/broccoli/ lettuce/wheat grass/celery/dill leaves cabbage family helps fighting cancer/chronic disease.
    • Thyme,orgeno, rosemary, tulsi have anticancer properties. Make them part of your diet.
    • Soy products in natural forms have anticancer/antiageing properties.
    • Raspberries, Black Berries, Peaches, Plums, Lemon, Mausami, grapes  can reverse the degenerative process of the body.
    • Doses of Vit C, Vit D, Vit E, Selenium, & Omega 3 fatty acids .
    • Take enough water specially in warm temperature.
    • Avoid Constipation at any cost.
    • Chew your liquids & drink your solids.
    • Offer thanks to nature for giving nourishment to you.
    • Stop using plastic/disposable,aluminium utensils for eating.
    • Try eating organic food.
    • Wash veggies & fruits in hot water before consuming if not organic.
    • Stop using processed foods including cheese.
    • This type of diet needs to be taken on daily basis so that it can reverse cancer/ageing/chronic disease process in the body. Off and on will have  no effect.
  1. You can’t be healthy on sick Planet: Try to maintain ecology for yourself  & others.
  2. Avoid using pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, excessive use of cosmetics, synthetic drinks, cold   drinks. Treat earth as your mother. She has always given you. Stop spitting on her.
  3. Consider your  body as soil & find out exactly what it needs to reinforced to fight the dis- ease.
  4. Health is a dynamic condition, not a permanent state. Understand it.
  5. Understanding, Honesty, Acceptance, Forgiveness & Compassion are your tools for self peace.
  6. Nature is forgiveness incarnate, and all healing comes from nature. Remember this.
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