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  1. : Dr Wallace is one of the most prominent nutritional oncologist with Oncometabolite advantage. Her pioneering work on brain tumors is well known all over the world leading to 70 percent survival rates as compared 30 percent survival rates in stage 1V tumors. Highly recommended for consultations if one can afford.
  2.; Chris had advance colon cancer at very young age of 27. After surgery, instead of choosing chemo, he went to increase his immunity through drastic changes in diet, exercise program and his spiritual healing. He is now treating cancer naturally and spreading the message. Survivor interviews and modules are really good with scientific evidence.
  3. home of The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education, a non-profit founded by Susan Silberstein phD in 1977. Provide counseling/consultation to help patients find complementary and alternative cancer treatments.
  4.  Cancer Active: Britain´s Number 1 Complementary and Integrative cancer charity founded by Chris Woolams. Very good source of information


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