Yes It Is Possible!!

Is cancer reversible?

Body has immense potential. Only problem with human being is that we don’t realize our potential and we don’t live life as it is to be lived. Health means whole and whole includes your body, mind, soul too. In general, people only talk of physical health which is very crude way of expressing health. All these dimensions when are resonating with each other, then we are in true health. That is why yogis in India, certain South African tribes not touched by modernization are living much longer and healthy. Animals living by themselves are far healthier than animals living with human beings.

We know now that cancer genes are present in our DNA which can be switched off and switched on. We also know that cells have inherent property to normalize and these cells are under the control of our genetic material. Consider your genetic material as seeds and our environment within the body as soil. Now, growth of the seeds depends upon the type of manure and type of the care you provide to the soil. Best of seeds will fail to germinate in soil lacking essential nutritional factors and other factors like pruning, removal of weeds. Same with our genes which give wrong signals to be performed if internal environment goes hay wire. In cancer, we can modulate this internal environment by simple choices of life like dietary and life style choices. We will give scientific evidence for same.

Your road map to be cancer free life does not lie in allopathic system alone. Allopathy treats only symptoms. It cannot cure you. For cure, Your body needs more, your emotional and spiritual energy needs something else. Learn with us how to revive your energies to reverse cancer.

We reverse cancer using latest research. Our technique involves:

  •  Anti Cancer diet: Nutrition  boost your immunity and is major pillar for fighting  cancer.
  • Know what chemicals poison your body and cause cancer and other chronic diseases.
  • Exercise, meditation, deep breathing and stress relieving techniques boost your immunity and cause remission.
  • Herbs and immunity booster substances.
  • Spiritual Healing; Sharing, gratitude, giving, forgiveness are epitome of humanity.

Why you need this kind of support with your allopathic treatment

We at cancer-reversal understand clearly that medicine alone is not sufficient in long battle of cancer.  As allopathic doctors we see your disease as disease of particular organ. But body functions as a whole. Without seeing with your eyes and without information gathered by brain, you can’t walk. Similarly, every organ of the body is integrated or connected with each other. This is beautifully expressed in acupuncture and acupressure where by pressing certain points on hands or foot, pain in other part of the body gets relieved. Soulful Music heals not only our mind but soothes our entire body. So, along with allopathic treatment, your body needs different kind of support too. Many have started choosing diet and mind, body, soul complex as treatment alone instead of harmful allopathic treatment. Also, lack of micronutrient can cause multiple diseases which in turn decrease immunity and hence activation of tumor causing genes.

Given left is the chart which reveals effects caused on body by deficiency of various elements

How we do it

No human being is same. Even twins differ in fingerprints and the nature of their internal environment. Same type of cancer in different individuals has different gene expression. Their pH differs which causes cells to behave differently as gene expression behave differently in different environment. We assess your lab tests which help us in understanding your internal environment and based on those tests, we guide you for nutritional support which helps in providing micronutrient required by the body which in turn helps in setting the right signal to be send by your genetic model to cells. Along with this, we incorporate techniques to give rest to your mind and food to your soul.


  • Diet, exercise specially asana , pranayama and meditation is directly linked to suppress cancer genes and  increase the expression of tumor suppressor genes.(Interior milieu)Increased blood supply to tissue is directly linked to the use of organ.
  • These therapies help in curbing inflammatory process in body thereby leading decreased angiogenesis and overcoming invasion.
  • Reversal of Omega 6 fatty acid : omega 3 fatty acid ratio responsible for most of the adenocarcinma’s.
  • Target insulin resistance, a known factor in oncometabolites affecting survival and prognosis. Other oncometabolite milieu consists of immune incompetence, hypercoagulability, hormonal imbalance, gene instability.


Effects of deficiency of micronutrients on body

  • Vitamin B12 : Anemia, depression, tiredness, weakness, increased cardiovascular risk
  • Folic Acid : Birth defects, cervical dysplasia, anemia, heart disease, cancer risk
  • Vitamin D : Osteoporosis, muscle weakness, hearing loss
  • Calcium : Osteoporosis, heart and blood pressure irregularities, tooth decay
  • Iron : Anemia, weakness, fatigue, hair loss, brittle nails
  • Zinc : Weak immunity, wound healing, sense of smell/taste, sexual dysfunction
  • CoQ-10 : Diabetes, cancer, cardiac arrhythmias, gingivitis, neurological diseases, weak immune system, low energy
  • Magnesium : Muscle weakness/spasm, heart arrhythmias, increased pain, constipation, mood changes, increased blood pressure, fatigue
  • Vitamin K : Easy bruising, osteoporosis, bone fractures, low levels of Vitamin D
  • Folic Acid : Anemia, fatigue, impaired immune system, birth defects, increased cancer risk, dysplasia
  • Zinc : Weak immunity, decreased healing ability, impaired smell/taste/digestion, sexual dysfunction
  • Melatonin : Sleep disturbances, sensitivity to stress, early morning awakening
  • Magnesium : Cardiovascular problems, asthma, osteoporosis, cramps, PMS
  • VitB2 : Anemia, oral and throat inflammation, low vitamin B3 and B6 levels, scaly scalp, impaired concentration and mood
  • Vitamin B1, B6, B12 : Depression, irritability, memory loss, muscle weakness, neuropathy, seizures, low immune system, kidney stones, poor growth, tiredness, anemia, tiredness, memory loss, cardiovascular risk, depression
  • Vitamin D3 : Increased cancer risk, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, decreased immune system
  • Magnesium : Muscle weakness/spasm, heart arrhythmias, increased pain, constipation, mood changes, increased blood pressure, fatigue
  • Potassium : Leg and/or body cramps, generalized weakness, decreased appetite

Is it possible to take this treatment alone?

Till date, cure with allopathic medicine is not effective as desired and side effects are emerging as major hindrance. Also, fear of recurrence looms large in back of mind . But with systemic study of scientific research, it is beyond doubt that life style modifications are major ingredient of cancer treatment. In fact, medical science has now proved beyond doubt that seeds of malignancy is laid by individual in childhood only. The message is clear: what you eat, think and do when you are young has to do with your future cancer and other chronic diseases. So, through translational research, powerful message has emerged that milieu interior has to be manipulated in order to be victorious over cancer. Allopathic medicine only focus on cancer cells and holistic approach aims at harmonizing the internal environment there by leading to halting of progression of cancer and in fact helping in reversal of cancer.

More and more success stories are emerging through these strategies which aim at enhancing the innate immunity. Ian Gawler is one example which has baffled scientists all over world. His book ” Mind that changes everything” is best seller and explains our efforts.

So, choose what you want to on the basis of research. Our model works with body, mind and emotions through diet,
life style choices .

Happy, Healthy, Young & Beautiful.